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It’s not quite surprising anymore to notice that more and more people are suffering from what others call male and female pattern baldness or more commonly known as hair loss. Even though a lot of males are not cool with hair loss, they seem to get away with it more compared to women.



This may be because of the fact that females treasure their precious locks more and that hair loss will surely affect their overall appearance. This is the reason why several ladies are constantly looking for great and effective female hair loss treatment options. If you are indeed one of those poor women who are losing hair day by day, you should be taking immediate action now.



Women Hair Loss & Its Causes


Before you can look for useful female hair loss treatment options, you should first learn about its causes. A lot of things can cause hair loss. For instance, people diagnosed with autoimmune disorder tend to have this problem since their immune system is literally attacking their hair follicles. This is because the immune system of a person with autoimmune disorder sees hair follicles as a foreign entity.


Eventually, those hair follicles will die and that will lead to baldness. Other known causes include thyroid malfunction, certain types of illnesses, surgery, pregnancy, the frequent use of plastics, stress and exposure to radiation.


However, studies have shown that hormonal imbalance play a huge part especially in terms of contributing to hair loss. In men, increased levels of the hormone DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is seen to be the main culprit. In women, the decreased levels of the hormone estrogen, which can happen during and after menopause, is found out to be the major reason. These cases of hormonal imbalance in one’s body can really affect flow of protein to the hair follicles.


If those hair follicles don’t get enough nutrients they need, they start to get sick, shrink and eventually die. The growth of new hair cells and hair follicles won’t be possible as long as the presence of hormonal imbalance is there. Actually, factors already mentioned in the earlier paragraph have one thing to do or another with hormonal imbalance such as stress, thyroid malfunction and pregnancy.



Finding Treatment Options For Women Hair Loss


Now that you have learned about the possible causes of hair loss and other details, you have to shift your focus on finding the right female hair loss treatment option that’s going to help you bring back your healthy hair and prevent future cases of hair loss from happening.


There are many treatment options that have been introduced to the public but don’t you know that you will most likely get effective results once you combine two great strategies to stop hair loss. It involves the internal and external approach.



Female Hair Loss Treatment: Internal Help


The internal approach revolves around the idea of treating hair loss from the inside, from within. The cure should start inside your body. That’s why you should learn five amazing tips that can help you stop hair loss and aid you in growing your hair back faster from within:


1) Eating organic foods.

What we mean by organic is foods in its pure form, raw, natural, full of nutrients. Examples of which are fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and their varieties, peas, whole grains, these are foods that are all natural, items that don’t have chemicals, artificial additives and similar toxins. If you still don’t get the idea, remember this trick: things that are not in their supposed shapes, forms and colors are more often than not non-organic.

How about comparing the color of the juice from freshly-squeezed oranges with that of an orange juice sold in the market in powder form? How about the color of whole grains compared to the overly-processed white bread you love to consume? The point here is for you to stay away from processed foods because those things contain artificial and unhealthy stuff that can contribute to the body’s hormonal imbalance.


2) Following the “food pyramid”.

Perhaps you have heard about this when you were a kid. But the food pyramid is for all ages. To avoid hair loss, you need to regulate your body’s hormone production and one way to do that is loading up on the right kinds of food and cutting on down on the “bad” ones.

Based on the food pyramid, you should consume more fruits and vegetables, have a moderate and monitored intake of carbohydrates, protein and dairy, and as little fats and sweets as possible.


3) Getting enough exercise and rest.

Part of a great formula in a female hair loss treatment is to get enough rest and exercise because without those two, your body won’t be that healthy and stable even if you are following a healthier diet plan. Once the body is not stable, several of its functions will be greatly affected especially normal hair growth.


4) Taking in supplements.

The thing is dietary changes, regular exercise and enough rest may not be enough to actually promote hormonal balance. That’s why it isn’t such a bad idea to take in nutritional supplements including B vitamins, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E. Add those supplements into your diet.


5) Having a positive outlook.

The internal approach involved in an effective female hair loss treatment is not only about the inner body but also about the inner mind, the inner soul, and most importantly, the inner you. This is why you should try your best to have a positive outlook at all times. Don’t let stress get in the way of your goal in growing your hair back.

If you want to get your hair to grow as healthy, as fast and as safe as possible, you should start by following these tips. However, you know pretty well that the internal approach is just one part of the equation. You have to concentrate on the other one as well.



Female Hair Loss Treatment: External Help


An effective female hair loss treatment won’t be complete if it doesn’t include external help. The external approach involves the use of other factors, tools and products to further stimulate the fast, safe and healthy growing of your hair and to keep that female pattern baldness out of the way.


Those hair care products offered in today’s market can also be part of your strategy involving external help for female hair loss treatment. But you have to be careful and go for the products that can really help you such as the Mira hair oil. Perhaps you have heard about this particularly wonderful product.


Mira Oil and  FREE Gro Shampoo


Don’t you know that Mira hair oil is a newly discovered ancient hair growing formula that can promote hair growth up to 2-3 inches a month?


One of the best things about this Mira hair oil is it works with almost any type of hair – normal, dry, straight, wavy, thick, oily, curly, fine, etc. Furthermore, it’s not only an effective hair care product but it’s safe to use too since it is all natural and organic unlike other products out there, which contain toxic ingredients and elements found to be harmful to your hair follicles. Those things won’t help in stopping hair loss.


What Mira hair oil does? It seeps safely and naturally into one’s scalp, wherein it aids in exfoliating your scalp pores. It also helps detoxify the blood that brings protein and other nutrients to the hair follicles.


But most importantly, it stops the production of DHT. This leads to a quick, safe, natural and effective hair growth.


If a great and effective female hair loss treatment is what you need, the killer combination of the internal and external strategies will surely breathe life to your precious hair once again. It will put a dead stop to any hair loss or thinning hair you might be experiencing.


Stop Female-Hair-Loss

You won’t have to worry about hair loss anymore. No more bad hair days. No more thinning of hair. No more bald spots. Just long, beautiful and healthy hair.


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