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The average rate for hair growth in people is around a half inch per month. But based on each person’s hair care habits, this rate can either be slowed or expedited. There are many answers to the age-old question of how to grow your hair long, some more effective than others. Once you have managed to grow a thick, luscious mane, the key is to continue these hair care practices in order to retain healthy hair.



There are many solutions to how to make hair grow longer, and it all begins at the scalp. With hair rooted in your scalp, pampering and caring for the scalp will lead to quicker hair growth, and it will come in thicker.


Anatomically, hair is simply an extension of the scalp. Healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy scalp, and it is impossible to have an unhealthy scalp but healthy hair.


Likewise, you will not find yourself growing unhealthy hair when you have taken the proper measures to maintain a healthy scalp. This is why a lot of the hair care practices that people utilize center in on the scalp.


Keeping the scalp clean


One of the more obvious aspects of proper scalp management is keeping the scalp clean by regularly washing it. Over the course of a single day, significant residue and other build up can develop over the scalp. This residue will clog the pores of your scalp and also the hair follicles. This blockage will have a serious effect on hair growth.


The best way to eliminate this residue and blockage is to clean your hair and scalp with water and shampoo. You will want to avoid shampooing your hair and scalp too often, as it could lead it to dry out. A dry scalp could lead to dry and breaking hair.


Scalp massage


A massage is one of the most effective treatments for your scalp. By doing this, you are increasing the circulation of blood to your scalp and hair follicles, encouraging expedited growth.


Hair will not only come in quicker, but also healthier and most lustrous. A scalp massage also feels very relaxing, and helps do away with stress, which can be a contributor to weak or falling out hair.


For best results, aim for a scalp massage at least once a week for about three to four minutes per massage. Either you, or someone else, can use their fingertips to apply pressure directly on the scalp, under the hair. Making a circular motion with the finger tips will create the massaging action and help stimulate and relax the scalp.


Fight dry scalp


One of the most common scalp problems is dryness. This can lead to dandruff and unhealthy, slow-growing, brittle hair. Occasionally, this is caused by using water that is too hot. Try rinsing your hair in lukewarm water after a shampoo to reduce dryness. A leave-in conditioner, like Mira Hair Oil, can also be effective.


Other ways of stimulating your scalp


The key to a healthy scalp is to keep blood flowing through it constantly. That is why exercise plays an important role in the health of your scalp. Like it does for all the other parts of your body, exercise increases the circulation and allows more blood to reach your scalp.


If you do not have time for a full work out, simply flipping your head upside down for a few minutes every day can mimic the effects. While it might sound strange, doing this will help increase the flow of blood to the scalp and also stimulate the hair follicles.


Hot oil treatment


Hot oil treatments are arguably a more effective form of a scalp massage. The practice is very similar to the massage – rubbing the scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion – but this practice adds natural oils to the mix that prove to promote healthier hair.

Oils used in hot oil treatments need to be completely natural. Introducing harsh chemicals to the scalp and hair can cause damage to both, which will effect hair growth and health. Olive and coconut oils are just a couple of the many oils typically used in this treatment.

Mira Hair Oil is an all-natural hot oil that can be used in hot oil treatments. It can also serve as a shampoo and conditioner all in one bottle. Mira Hair Oil brings together highly-effective natural ingredients, which boost the health of your hair and helps it grow more rapidly.


Why Mira Hair Oil ?


The 100 percent natural and organic ingredients in Mira Hair Oil help your scalp stay in top health, leading to fast-growing and healthy hair. The unique blend of organic materials helps to moisturize and hydrate your scalp, which leads to appropriately-moisturized hair. Mira Hair Oil easily cuts through the buildup that can develop on your scalp to help clear and stimulate hair follicles.


Here is how this magical oil works:

 This hot new hair oil seeps naturally and safely into your scalp, where it detoxifies the blood, exfoliates the pores of your scalp, and stops DHT from being produced – thereby allowing super fast hair growth. No other hair care product does this safely, naturally or as quickly.

In fact, other well-known hair systems contain harmful chemical drugs and toxins that give you temporary hair growth but at the cost of you later experiencing chronic and permanent hair loss, together with a host of other horrible side effects like itchy scalp, scalp irritations and a loss of libido!


Mira Hair Oil also provide nourishment to hair roots, improve blood circulation in the scalp, and instantly stop premature graying and hair loss! You will get the soft, silky, healthy and youthful hair you’ ve always wanted!


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